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Mission Statement

We are breeding for a horse who will be atheletic, beautiful, and colorful.  Our colts are friendly.  As they grow and we get to ride them they are proving to be versital at what ever I throw at them.  I have riden them in english schooling classes and at foxhunts, at cuttings and at barrel races.  Special consideration will be shown to persons who are going to promote this breeding program.  We are  crossing Ladys Bugs Moon/Johnny Dial (speed) on mares that have proven themselves in the barrel pens and in the halter arena and on thoroghbred mares off the track.  For more information on specific bloodlines please contact us.  We are always happy to share.

Moon Over Ocala

Hi Everyone,
I am the proud owner for Moon Over OCala. She will be three April 26th. I bought her from Lazy t ranch when she was 7 months old. I want to say that she's is a very nice little filly. She's smart & willing to learn & does learn very quickly. The 1st year & 1/2 of her life I work with her every day 2x a day doing ground work. I was off from training her about a year because of a shoulder injury. I am now working with her again & she hasn't forgotten a thing . I ridden her maybe a dozen times in a round pen not really reining yet up until maybe last weekend, I took her to a gymkana show on sunday & entered her in every event & she did wonderful I even got her to trot the events which was poles, keyhole, barrels. & barrel dash. I got soooo many compliments on her not being afraid of anything & just outright willing to learn & allow me to be her leader. I honestly believe it had to do with the handling she had as a foal & that would be the folks from Lazy t ranch they definitely put a good foundation on their horses. I highly recommend purchasing their babies. Ocala was pretty funny looking as a foal but she turned out to be a very attractive mare. She's black with a blaze & 2 white feet & stands about 14'3 right now. When she was born we didn't know what color she'd be lol. I hope she's stays black.
Thank you Laurie & Don for a great little horse  
Anjel Turi
from New Jersey I really miss you guys!

Victories Mission

Victory is now a 3 year old and is started under saddle. She will mature to be about 14.2 hands.  She is marked exactly like her Dad.  She can clear 4 foot fences too.  $1500.00

sold congratulations to Dale and Cathy, may all your dreams come true, and some you didn't know you have. 


Gunner Moon  sold

Gunner is out of Lady's Azure Request.  He is also started under saddle.  He has been to cattle sortings and barrel races. Gunner has also been Foxhunting.  He is willing to try anything I ask of him.  All Bombs colts are proving to be really willing.  This year gunner has been used at a feedlot and has started breakaway roping.

$2500.00   sold


Skippers Cadence  sold

Cadence was sold as a yearling .  We are waitng to hear what he's up too.