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What We Do

Our goal for Horse Training is to give you a responsive, safe companion.  We like to keep your animal here for 60 days: although there have been cases of thirty day wonders.  We go through an extensive ground work program.  We attempt to teach your horse to "spook in place" .  The horses are exposed to Guns, tractors, bikes, boys, balls, dogs, tarps, ropes, and anything else that may be considered frightening.   They eventually be riden inside in a 60 X 60 arena, an outside arena that's 90 X 300, and out in pasture and on trails though the woods.  They will stand cross tied, stand for hoof cleaning, and clipping.  I also teach them to ground tie, and I can usually saddle them without being tied at all. The current charges as of  January 2012  are    $ 400.00 per month for one month. This includes feed and hay.  I feed a 12% grain feed and high quality hay.  Horse shoeing, dental and worming are extra and at cost.  If you have any other questions please feel free to call or email.

 Please read on to see some of our Graduates.


I can't tell you how thrilled I was (and still am) to be able to ride Tiny out in the open in a strange place w/ unfamiliar horses, and canter him away from the others, or have him stay calm while others cantered away from him.  I love that horse, and really needed your help to get over the confidence issues that I had with him.  I had very little hope of finding a competent trainer that I could afford, who would be patient enough to put up w/ me and trust that I was telling the truth about Tiny not being a "problem horse" and tailor a training program to fit my needs. 

Training: $350 per month
Fuel to transport horse to trainer: $100 ( from Tulsa area)
The feeling of cantering your horse for the first time across an open meadow on a beautiful fall day: Priceless


Bailey and Trevor

Bailey and Trevor are quite a team.  They are spending this summer falling in love

and developing a trust that only a few lucky people get.  Bailey is being courted.

What a lucky girl.  You go Boy!  Bailey may also be pregnant to our stud, Bomb.


Dixie is Alices three year old baby.  Many happy hours are going to be spent

 with Mis Dix.  Thank you  for letting me expierence such a kind soul.



This is Fara and Lilly at Devils Den.  Lilly is training to be a search and rescue horse,  She is a 4 year old warmblood cross.  Wally is in Fara's coat , He loves to ride.  Lilly stayed with us for 6 months.


This is Phidelia.  She was with us for 3 months.  When her owners took her home they called to tell us of her 3 hour trail ride at Crowder State Park.  She is a 2 year old Saddlebred.  She is now in training for showing at cart driving.

Hayman is a three year old Throughbred.  He came for 2 months.  He was greenbroke and had

 a rearing issue.  He became a stable solid citizen.  He has  moved to Texas and gone on to Foxhinting.

This picture was taken at Opening Hunt for Misty River Hounds.  Hayman is now hunting with a Junior Rider

and jumping coops,  and swimming in ponds.

Just sharing some good reports on Hayman now prestigiously named Flagstaff........

By the way, we took Flagstaff out this weekend for a nice long trail ride.  He was PERFECT!!! 
I mean PERFECT!  I am so happy with him!   He was so great that when we got done,
 Mary took him out for another ride across country, through the woods, ditches and
everything all by themselves – I didn’t think she was going to get off! : ) 
 I might have already told you this – if so, sorry but I am so proud of him and thankful to you! : )

Dusty is a 10 year old Quarter Horse gelding that needed new owners.He came for a tune up and sale. His new owner is a 10 year old little girl named Bridget.  We wish them the best of luck.

Blaze and Zelda are buddies.  Blaze is a 3 year old mare and Zelda is a 6 year old buckskin mare.  Zelda is helping get Blaze comfortable with the riding idea.  Blaze is going to be here for 3 months and Zelda will be going home at the end of this.  Zelda is going to be ridden in 4-H, trails and at the saddleclubs in speed events.

Belle and Twister

01 -  = Laurie,
I had to tell you I put Bell in a saddle for the first time today.  She started to act like she used to at first but she quickly calmed down.  She ties really well now.  After I had the saddle on she took a few moments to act out but compared to a few months ago she did quite well.  We worked in the areana for about an hour.  Just long enough for her to get tired and decide to show some respect.  I was really excited when she turned toward me and I walked right up to her.  I let her out of the saddle after that and fed her.  Twister is almost to the point I can brush him without holding him.  I'm happy about the fact that I can work safely with Bell now.  

Brent Rush

Belle is a 4 year old quarter mare that was green broke and very spooky.  Also very pregnant.  We worked on depsooking, spooking in place,

tying, crosstying, being able to pick up her feet, as well as the colts after he was born, and leading.  We could drive her on longlines, saddle her and freelonge her.  She is well on her way to being a solid citizen.  We wish Brent and his family the best of luck with his new addition.


Curley is a four year old Curley Bashkir and foxtrotter.  He is being ridden to get

him ready to trail ride and be a great search and rescue prospect.  

 He has a wonderful sense about him of curiosity.  Things don't scare him,

he turns to face it.  He can jump too.  Don't belive that white men can't jump.  

Steve and Daiblo

Daiblo is a two year old Paint Stud horse that Steve bred.  They are a working together to help Steve regain his balance after suffering a stoke last year.  This  picture was taken 6 weeks into training.  Steve and Diablo are now riding trails together.  We wish they many miles.

Cheyanne and Friends

Jason brought Cheyanne to us this winter, just befor the ice storm, which left us with out electric for 9 days.  Cheyanne is a survivoir of Katrina.  I have never expierenced anything like to bond that this horse has for her owners.  They can do things with this mare I could not.  It is purely her love and trust in them that allows this to happen and I am very privledged to have been a part of the process.  They are now participating in playdays with a 17.5 hand Shire.   Jason hopes to teach her to pull a cart.  I think she will do anything  " He" asks.


Trio matured a scant 15h. He is worth his weight in gold.  We've been offered 8000. for him but to tell you the truth, I wouldn't part with him for 10,000.  He is truly a "perfect horse."
Trio is a colt by Bomb that is currently living in Washington State.  Thank you the Warren and Michelle for keeping us up to date.


Polly, 3 year od Foxtrotter Mare

recieved in Oct 2009
Now on with Polly.  I finally found a farrier and he managed to get away from the harvest yesterday to trim Polly's lengthy hooves.  She stood like a trouper and let him clip and file without any trouble.  He said she was better than his horses about it.  (Remember, she needed a trim when she was there with you.) Anyways, we got to talking about her and I found out he was a retired jockey who had raced all over the midwest.  As we were discussing Polly's history and need for experienced riders, he asked me if he could ride her and just get a feel for where she was at.  She had not been riden since the beginning of July.  He jumped up on her back and very gently worked her around on one of our pastures for about 40 minutes.  She never missed a beat in obeying him.  Then he brought her to me and asked me to get on her.  He watched me ride her for about 20 minutes and then came and gave me some pointers and told me he wanted me to saddle her at least 5 times a week, even if I didn't ride her.  Just saddle her and make her stand.  His family live near us and he invited us on their next trail ride.  I was SO excited after riding her and Polly has just seemed happier since.  I can't wait to get back on her. LOL

I wanted you to know that after he had riden her, he brought her to me and his first comment was..."I don't know who you had training her but they sure knew what they were doing."  I had to brag on you a bit.


Stinker, is a 5 year old paint mare that spent an entire year living with us.  She became a member of the family, taking my inexperienced boys for trail rides.  We went to barrel races, and cattle sortings, trail rides and developed a great friendship with her People.  Take good care of them Stinkpants.....

Alice and Des

We would like to congratulate and wish Alice and Des the best of luck foxhunting.  Des is a 5 year old percheron mare that we taught to "park" while getting on and off,  17 hands is too big to have to cling to.
Have fun ladies....